Shape the conversation around your emerging technology with high quality articles, white papers, and e-books.

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About Toronto Discursive

Toronto Discursive creates high quality, long-form content. We’re helping cross-disciplinary thinkers discover the right words to describe their emerging tech.

With the right words, you protect your original ideas from dismissal. Successful innovations come with clear explanations for consumers, investors, and regulators.

In fact, once you’re done creating, it’s time to start explaining. Shape the conversation and bring the world up to speed with long-form blog posts, white papers, and e-books that describe your technology in familiar terms.

Put innovations in historical context. Weave a narrative that helps consumers and investors understand why your solution matters.

Translate technical features into clear benefits that demonstrate how your technology will help people improve their quality of life, work smarter, live healthier, and be happier.

Whether you’re transforming healthcare, disrupting energy, maximizing computing power, revolutionizing finance, or digitizing manufacturing, we’re here to make sure people get it and get it well.

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Our Writing Service

Top quality sources only

Receive articles, white papers, and e-books backed by sources from peer-reviewed journals and prestigious media publications

Human writers, not AI writers

Read content written by humans, for humans. Receive content customized to suit your unique brand voice and style guide

Hubspot-style or HBR-style

Work with versatile writers to produce upbeat content for your SaaS blog or business storytelling for your next white paper

Free interviews with subject matter experts

Need your writer to interview employees for your project? Not a problem. Schedule video interviews between your writer and internal SMEs at no extra charge

End-to-end project managed writing process

Every project includes a kick-off call and project management plan with timelines we’ll keep you accountable to, so you can focus on day-to-day tasks

Easy collaboration and review in Google Docs

Receive a Google Docs link for easy review and collaboration among subject matter experts, senior stakeholders, or your legal team 

Access ghostwriting services

Take 100% credit for your work. Whether you want to attribute the content to an individual member of your exec team or to your internal marketing team, we won’t include the work in our portfolio 

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