8 Useful Items to Pick Up on Boxing Day

Ah Boxing Day – or to be more accurate, Boxing Week. It feels like just yesterday we were talking about Black Friday, but here we are at yet another day dedicated to shopping. If you do plan on spending money today, try looking for some of these items. They aren’t all necessities, but they are definitely way more useful than a dozen pancake-scented candles. 

A Decent Winter Jacket


No one’s saying you should drop three quarters of your rent money on a Canada Goose jacket. I’m also not suggesting you take a page out of the book some of our parents read titled, “It doesn’t matter if it’s blue and gold with the Edmonton Oilers logo on the back, so long as it’s a jacket.” True story.

There are a number of stores offering winter jackets. Sears is a great place to find jackets that are appealing and warm. While the department store has become the started-from-the-bottom punchline of every sitcom, they have more promising items than those shows would suggest. 

Boots with Grip


Listen. Unless you are the privileged daughter of a wealthy banker who gets whisked away by private car from one location to the next, you need boots with grip. I’m not talking heels. I’m talking cleats, baby. I’m talking ’bout that GRIP. You are stepping off buses, running for buses, crossing streets, and living a reckless city life. Fashion boots are lovely, but they are more concerned with making you look nice and less concerned with ensuring your body does not make sudden contact with the ground. Now I can sympathize with your lack of urgency considering there has yet to be any significant snowfall in Toronto, but do not let this mild weather lull you into a false sense of comfort. Winter is coming and when it does you will be thankful for your sensible boots.

There are cleated boots that look nice, I promise you. It just seems like there aren’t any because your heart is still set on the vampy pair that may be fire, but are still no match for the ice. Trusty Aldo has both in-store and online promotions, and you can always seek out a variety of brands and styles at The Bay. But honestly, you can find a decent pair at Wal-Mart and spend the rest of your money on fancier shoes. Only you and your blue-vested friend on the other side of the register need to know.

Planners and Stationery


I understand that you can write a to-do list on a napkin, and you can easily use the calendar your family’s car insurance provider sends you every December, but if we thought like that we’d make resolutions year-round and Valentine’s Day wouldn’t exist. We are basic, we like pretty things, and buying a calendar or a planner is a productive way to be basic and use pretty things. In fact, studies have shown writing things down allows us to retain information better, and what better motivation for writing things down than nice paper? That’s my argument, and I’m sticking to it.

These Kate Spade planners are a bit pricey, but let them serve as your inspiration when on the hunt for supplies. If you find them on sale, even better. At the end of the day, if you’re going to buy a planner, might as well be in December.

Books for Professional Development


Books for pleasure are great, but a terrific investment is into books for professional development, especially books that can teach you online skills that will give you an edge for entry into a certain job. In the same way French fluency is a way to set you apart from a sea of other candidates, decent proficiency in things like Ruby on Rails, Adobe Photoshop, Mailchimp, and more can be your ticket into a job. Make yourself more marketable by picking up a few books for your personal and professional development.

Chapters is promoting a sale of up to 50% off during Boxing Week. Hit up the languages, business, and computers sections, and binge on instalments of the For Dummies series. 

Hats, Scarves, and Gloves


Every year we forget to buy these things, and every year we feel stupid. Be prepared, and save yourself a freezing wait at an ill-serviced bus stop.

You can find these at basically any clothing store. The best part is that accessories are a magnet for sales, so you will be sure to benefit from a number of BOGO promotions.

Business Casual Clothing


Finding a decent blazer or dress shirt has the potential to make mornings a heck of a lot easier. Whether we like it or not, it’s been shown that how we present ourselves is an indication to our superiors of our capacity to handle certain projects. It also has the added bonus of boosting your confidence. Look good, feel good, yes?

If spending $175 instead of $215 on a dress is your idea of a sale then Godspeed. You know what they say about dressing for the job you want, not the job you have, so go ahead and pay a visit to Banana Republic. If you’d like to wait until you’re promoted to drop that kind of cash and simply want to look less scruffy in the meantime, stop by Dynamite and check out some of their promotions.


Make up

Just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean you wake up looking fabulous and pooping glitter. You’ve still got things to take care of, so might as well take care of them cheap. Take advantage of all the drug store deals and buy all the hand cream and Listerine your body desires. Afterwards, if your wallet is not begging you to take it home, drop by Sephora, the colourful adult playground, and pick up a couple shades of lipstick…or two.

A Portable Phone Charger


If you can spend over $30 a week on lattes, you can save yourself a few low battery panic attacks, and grab yourself one of these bad boys. Just remember to actually charge it. 

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