6 Ways to Take Your Squad to the Next Level in 2016

The New Year is all about fresh starts and firm resolve. An important part of life is friendship, so actively working on keeping your relationships strong is a noble endeavour indeed. To help you with this lovely task, I’ve listed six ways to take your squad to the next level in 2016.



Hire a costume designer, or a young fashionista trying to build a portfolio, and co-ordinator your outfits. They should match, but they should also display your unique personalities. Find someone who can hook you up the way Tina hooked up the ladies of Destiny’s Child.



Find a community centre with cheap rent and choreograph everyday movements. Whether you’re eating lunch as a group or grabbing drinks, ensure you are all in sync and making squad (dance) movements.



Learn to walk into any room as a group and in formation. There can be no timid shuffles; you must strut and own it. May require some practice and a signature song, but you’ll get there with time.



Find a designated meet up spot for catching up and shooting the shit. It doesn’t really matter where this is, but the availability of food is a very important factor. Establish a date and time (once a week, once a month) where you all meet up and then you can bitch about bullshit over bruschetta.



Try new group activities together and become well-rounded as a group. It doesn’t matter what it is – ballet, synchronized swimming, chair dancing – so long as you do it as a squad.



Draft a Squad Convention, customized to your squad’s specifications. One of the most important features of any Squad Convention is the agreement that when you mess with one member, you mess with the entire group. Kind of like NATO, except instead of weapons you all use cut eye and group chats.

Featured image from Life & Style Weekly


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