Netflix and Do You Have a Space Heater?

Toronto has officially had its first snowstorm of the season, so you can put all your dreams of a warm winter back on the shelf. While people decried the effects of global warming, there was also a consensus that the mild weather was, well, pretty damn good. But as the temperature starts to drop, another phenomenon will re-enter the conversation: cuffing season.

What is cuffing season you ask? The most concise entry on Urban Dictionary defines it as “the time of year in which more people are “talking” and start going out.” Basically, all those who balked at the idea of a relationship months earlier are now eager to enter one. Roll your eyes at the concept, but the idea’s out there and has been covered by The New York Times and Vogue no less.

The trend is attributed to how easy it is to meet new people in the summer when out and about. The topic of cuffing season once came up among friends – in the spring oddly enough – and most of them recognized the term but were underwhelmed by its significance. “Well duh,” one girl commented. “It’s too cold to go clubbing in December.”

Perhaps the season was crafted by a conniving consortium of commitment-phobes to keep us all hopeful about our bleak prospects of finding love in the Tinder age. More likely it’s just a testament to our penchant for convenience in the winter and instant gratification in the summer. Or maybe, like the real MVPs who discovered fire many thousands of years ago, we’re just trying to find a way to stay warm.

Featured Image via Pexels

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