Introducing At Your Man’s House Mondays and With Your Woman Wednesdays


Success means different things to different people, but one thing that is essential to accomplishing any goal is hard work. We’re talking about that hustle.

Contrary to popular belief, millennials are doing more than hooking up and going out. We may want to know all about that girl on Facebook’s relationship drama, but we’re also wondering how she’s acing her classes while working two jobs, we want to hear all about that other girl’s volunteer work abroad, and we’re definitely curious to know how that guy on Instagram managed to score such a cool internship. You’ve heard of #fitspo. Let us introduce you to #hustlespo.

At Your Man’s House Mondays and With Your Woman Wednesdays are weekly Q&A series designed to give readers a look into how other young adults are achieving their goals whether that means studying for the LSAT, opening their own business, or grinding at a 9-5 to finance their passion. The only prerequisite to be featured: hard work and dedication.

It may be a recession, but we still out here.

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