With Your Woman Wednesday: Sophie Angoh

Photo credit: Rachelle Tavas and LMG

This week on With Your Woman Wednesday we’re speaking with Psychology student Sophie Angoh. With her industrious and compassionate spirit, Sophie hopes to someday become a lawyer. In the meantime she is is flexing her business muscles as a shop consultant for shop.com.

You are currently a shop consultant for the e-commerce site shop.com. Tell us a little about shop.com, and what exactly sets it apart from other e-commerce websites.

Shop.com is a revolutionary company that is trying to change the way people shop and also the economy. Its focus is mainly on the consumers and giving them cashback from their purchases as a form of an “annuity”.

Shop.com partners up with different top producing companies and offers them an alternative to mass advertising that may cost them a lot of money. By saving the companies their money, shop.com is able to negotiate a cashback system for the consumers every time they purchase something online.

Shop.com has shop consultants like me who use word of mouth marketing to help direct traffic to our partner companies’ online websites. Word of mouth marketing is probably the most effective and inexpensive way to build your clientele. In return for helping the companies save money, Shop.com is able to create a cashback system.

To illustrate the concept, imagine walking into Walmart and spending $100. After your purchase, you take your products and go home. Now imagine, going to Walmart online and buying the exact same thing, spending the exact same amount of $100 all in the comfort of your home without the hassle of the bus, car or weather and on top of that, receiving 2% cashback every time. Which would you prefer?

Naturally, this company is a way to make an income, but what are some non-monetary aspects of working for this brand that you find rewarding or satisfying?

I have never been part of a company like this that has amazing individuals/partners that help and support you in any way they can and make sure you’re achieving the goals you set out for yourself. The team and culture that the company has is probably the most rewarding and satisfying part of it. Work never feels like work.

Tell us a little bit about the structure around shop.com involving training and payment.

It sounds a lot like individuals who decide to become shop.com partners can be creative with the job. They can blog about the merchandise, hold parties where people can sample different products, and more. What skills are you hoping to acquire or build on through your work with shop.com?

Being part of the company, I’ve developed a lot of different skills where I was able to constantly put into action. My favourite one would probably have to be customer service skills. Being able to interact with people and find out what they truly need, instead of stuffing products in their face, makes it such an easy process. Also, being able to create a lasting relationship with the customer where they come to you for all their shopping needs and advice is always rewarding.

Your ultimate goal is a career in law. Do you have an idea of the kind of law you’d like to specialize in, and what particular issues you would like to tackle with that legal education?

Currently, I have no idea what I would like to specialize in. I’ve always wanted to go into law because it has the ability to help a lot of people. One of my dreams would be to offer low-income families free or inexpensive legal services to help them in their current situation.

What is your preferred spot (or spots!) for getting things done in the city?

To be honest, one of my favourite spots to getting things done is in my kitchen when no one is home. The lighting is perfect, the work space is just right, and I have my dog who likes to keep me company no matter how boring it gets.

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