Christmas Eve in Nathan Phillips Square

Skating in Nathan Phillips Square sounds like a lovely idea for Christmas Eve. If it’s cold enough that is.

Last night, Nathan Phillips Square’s ice rink was closed to skating due to unusually high temperatures for December. That didn’t deter skaters who still tiptoed their way onto the ice, rules be damned. A very frustrated gentleman was forced to give frequent reminders over the PA system that people were not allowed to go onto the ice – with or without skates.

Luckily, the beautiful light display in the square was enough to make the trip worth it. The gorgeous city Christmas tree lit during the annual Cavalcade of Lights back in November was still on display, and the large Toronto sign gave visitors enough for marvelling and picture-taking. The tree in Nathan Phillips Square was a way better alternative to the minimalist (read: lazy) tree in the Eaton Centre, just a few steps away.